Modern Wedding Inspiration: Washi Tape

I might be a little late to the washi tape trend, but that doesn’t make me any less excited about it. These fun Japanese patterned tapes can be used to easily customize just about anything. The tapes are semi-transparent, making them ideal for layering. Also, tape is  non-marking and reposition-able, making it easy to work with. The escort display, wall art, invitations, and cake topper shown below are just the beginning of the many diy wedding decor possiblities.

#1: Washi Tape Peg Board Display via Chronicle Books
#2: Washi Tape Art by Alex Menocal
#3: Washi Tape Pennant Invitations via Mer Mag
#4: DIY Washi Tape Cake Topper Bunting via Love Wed Bliss

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