Real Engagement: Shannon + Huy in California

Happy Labor Day everyone! Today, I have a great engagement feature filled with adorable dogs. Captured by Limelife Photography, Shannon and Huy spent a day last December strolling through Temecula dog park in Temecula, California with their four dogs. This dog park is where the couple first met, so it was an easy choice for their engagement location. Aren’t the red and pink bow ties on the dogs the cutest thing? The complete story of how the couple met from the bride:

“We met at the Temecula dog park. Normally when I would bring my pups to the dog park I would take them to the “little dog” side. But, I knew, eventually I would have to bring them to the “big dog” side when they grew up. I was nervous to take them to the “big dog” side in case another dog attacked them. On this day (sometime near the end of September 2008) when I got to the dog park there were only about 3 people on the ‘big dog” side and about 4 dogs. I figured, “If I am going to get used to this side I had better start on a day like this when there’s not a lot of people.” Because there were so few people I went over to say “hi” to everyone. I had mentioned I was nervous to come on this side with the bigger dogs. There was an older woman ( age 60 or so) and she said Huy helps to look out for her dog. So I said something like, “oh good! maybe you can help look out for my dogs too!” After that he and I each made a point to go to the park around the same time (not planned but just to talk to each other). After the third time he asked me out!”

All images by Limelife Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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