ChiChi Styles, The Source for Designer Bridesmaid Dresses [Sponsored]

Today, I am excited to introduce you to ChiChi Styles, the only place for today’s stylish and savvy bridesmaids! When ordering your designer bridesmaid dress from ChiChi Styles, you will be sure that not only are you are getting the lowest possible price for an absolutely authentic dress, but a wonderful experience as well. An added bonus, the ChiChi styles website is packed with amazing features that every bride and bridesmaid will love!
Pin ItA few things I love about ChiChi Styles: They are also a brick-and-mortar couture boutique, in Michigan, Chicago, and Indiana, so they work with brides face to face all day long. This gives them exceptional experience in fitting bridesmaid dresses from each specific designer. They have compiled this expertise into amazing online fit guides, perfect for a bridal party spread out across the country. Because of their special order tracking technology, ChiChi Styles allows each bridesmaid to order her dress online with her own billing and shipping information. All of the bridal party orders are held until the bridesmaid or bride with “master access” submits the order. This means the order is submitted as a whole, to ensure that all dresses are cut from the same bolt or dye lot of fabric, for a perfect match!

There are so many reasons why you will adore ChiChi Styles, but here are just some of their best features:

  • Gimmick Free Pricing // Any lower price probably means you are receiving a knockoff. They don’t price high and then discount low, instead, they simply offer the lowest price possible for any given designer, typically saving you $50-100 per dress!
  • Authentic // They aren’t shy when showing off their purchase orders with each designer. Not to mention, they sell dresses from all sorts of top designers, like Lela Rose and Monique Lhuillier.
  • Master Order Access // With the Master Order Access system, someone with “Master Status” can keep tabs on the rest of the girls. This allows her to watch each bridesmaid place her order in real time, and then submit the bundled dress order to the designer when everyone is all set. This even provides extra assurance that each girl ordered the correct dress!
  • Real Time ETAs (see above image) // They don’t give you a vague delivery window, like 12-14 weeks. Every Friday and Tuesday they give brides real time ETAs from the designers so you know the exact time when you can expect the dresses at your door.
  • Videobase, Coming Soon! // They will be producing youtube videos highlighting new arrivals, common FAQs, and styling tips to help bridesmaids all over the country.
  • Knowledgebase // Loads of helpful articles, even specific to styles, that answer the biggest questions you will have when it comes to ordering dresses.
  • Real Weddings // Tons of inspiration for real brides from real brides.

A big thank you to ChiChi Styles for sponsoring this post and to you, readers, for supporting the sponsors that make Modernly Wed possible!

Photographs by Kelly Braman Photography

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