Customized Wedding Registries from Wedding Republic [Sponsored]

I am excited to introduce you to a new kind of wedding registry from Wedding Republic! With Wedding Republic, you can set up your own unique registry filled with not only gifts, but also experiences. This online cash registry allows you to add everything you can think of; a down payment for your first house, your honeymoon, charity contributions, a romantic dinner for two, cash – nothing is off limits!

The Wedding Republic team created a Wedding Registry Guide with everything you need to know about wedding registries, etiquette and how to start your own. You will also have access to your own personal registry consultant who can answer any questions you have about the process.

To start, simply create your registry by adding items from a gallery of suggestions, or add your own gift ideas. Every gift is completely customizable, so you can add your own price and description to give it a personal touch. One of my favorite features of a Wedding Republic registry is their signature puzzle piece feature. This unique feature allows you to break expensive gifts in smaller, more affordable pieces. Your honeymoon trip to Europe, for example, could be broken into twenty pieces, allowing guests to each contribute a portion of your trip.

What you need to know // Benefits for you

  • Receive the cash value of your registry, without asking for cash and thus avoiding the “cash taboo”
  • Allow guests to see what their cash contribution is going towards, creating a more meaningful gift-giving experience
  • Customize your registry with gifts you really want instead of traditional registry items that you don’t want or need
  • Receive the gift of experiences instead of just material items
  • Customize your wish list with beautiful images, or pick from a well stocked gift gallery
  • Enjoy ultimate flexibility in how you use your registry funds

What you need to know // Benefits for your guests

  • Convenience! Guests can contribute with three easy steps, saving unnecessary trips to the store
  • Allows guests to contribute truly meaningful gifts as opposed to selecting the last remaining item off of a traditional box store registry
  • The signature puzzle piece feature creates affordable options for your guests that form a portion of a meaningful gift, such as a home down payment

What you need to know // Why is a Wedding Republic registry right for you?

It’s meaningful. Your Wedding Republic registry is more than just a gift list. It is a way to convey to your guests how you plan to live your lives together. Whether you add your honeymoon, house down payment, or favorite charity, your wish list is personal, meaningful, and fun!

It’s easy. Your own personal wedding registry consultant is available around the clock to provide answers to all of your questions and concerns regarding registry set up, etiquette, and anything else!

It focuses on the big picture. With Wedding Republic, you are registering for exactly what you need to build your new life together. Instead of toasters and spatulas, you register for items and experiences that truly matter to you, as a couple.

Interested in starting your own Wedding Republic registry?

  1. Check out this sample wedding registry.
  2. Learn more about how Wedding Republic works.
  3. Create your personalized registry!

A big thank you to Wedding Republic for sponsoring this post!

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