Sunny Fields of Gold Engagement Session in California

As I sit here in my office looking out over one foot of snow on the ground with more falling, I can’t help but long for the sunny days of summer! This golden engagement session is the perfect escape on cold, winter day like today. Captured by Inkspot Photography, Patricia and Nick spent a stunning May day in a vast, sunlit field in beautiful Concord, California. The softly blowing grains and warm light give this session a fabulous, organic feeling.

Patricia and Nick’s story from their photographer:

While still in high school, Nick wanted to ask Patricia to be his girlfriend in a very original way. One day when she was out shopping, Nick went to her house and covered her bedroom door with post-it notes, each saying “Will you be my girlfriend?” When she opened the door, Nick stood waiting and asked for her to be his girlfriend, and she immediately said “yes”!

After just four months, Nick told Patricia that he loved her and knew he wanted to be with her forever. They went on dating for four years, seeing each other grow and mature, graduating high school, and then moving to Washington together for college.

Nick knew it was finally time to take the next step, and with the help of a few friends they created the perfect whimsical set up with curtains, photos from throughout the years, and flowers in a meadow. Photos floated from string with a picture on one side and post it notes on the other saying “Will you marry me?”. With the ring he had picked out on his own, he got down on one knee and asked, and of course Patricia said “yes”! To her surprise, the whole family was waiting in the parking lot with balloons and signs of congratulations.

When Nick popped the question on December 29, 2012, Patricia was absolutely shocked! Shock turned to reality and now pure bliss has set in, knowing they are a perfect match for each other.

All images by Inkspot Photography

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