I’m Still Here

I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. Apologies for another long blogging break… sometimes life just gets too hectic! In the past month, my little family bought our first house and moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania! We are ecstatic to be homeowners and to live much closer to our families. We have, however, had a bit of a rough start as homeowners, with a flood in our first floor and a power outage all in the first week. I had ambitions of posting a mere two weeks after our move, but alas, I had not yet uncovered my computer. It turns out packing, moving, and unpacking with a 4.5 month takes MUCH longer than one would expect. Also, big apologies to all those who have emailed me in the past few weeks, responses are on the way.

I am happy to report that I was able to setup my computer yesterday in the new third floor office that I share with my husband… so new posts will be coming soon!

The post image is one I snapped of our family Christmas tree gathering snow on the porch in January. It is a fitting image for today, as I sit here and watch snowflakes fall on top the the more than twelve inches of white stuff already covering the streets of our new neighborhood. I hope everyone stuck in this winter storm stays safe and warm!

Image by Kate Myhre

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