Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance [sponsored]

Your engagement and wedding rings are sentimental and valuable pieces that should be protected from loss. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new sponsor that can help you protect your beautiful jewelry pieces, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, provider of Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance.

Most jewelers’ warranties cover chipping, cracking, or diamond loss only if the ring is inspected every six months. This excludes accidental loss or mysterious disappearance, which account for a substantial amount of claims each year. For example, if you lose your ring at the beach, down the garbage disposal, or accidentally leave it in a restroom, you are not typically covered by a standard jeweler’s warranty or homeowners/renters policy.

Also, your ring is most likely not covered in a case of burglary or theft. Many homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude any single item valued over a few thousand dollars. You do not want to wait until you experience loss to discover that your jewelry is not insured!

The best way to protect your sentimental and monetary investment is with a specific jewelry insurance policy. Jewelers Mutual Perfect Circle® jewelry insurance is the most comprehensive coverage available. It will protect you world-wide against theft, loss, damage and mysterious disappearance. The first step is to assure you know what your pieces are worth, so have anything you want protected appraised or evaluated by your jeweler. Next, you can visit to get a free quote based on the value of your items and the area which you reside. Also, with Perfect Circle® you can apply for coverage to protect your jewelry immediately. Be sure to learn more about jewelry insurance and how it differs from warranties and homeowners insurance.

Thank you to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for sponsoring this post!

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