Real Elopement: Christi + Zach in North Carolina

I love how courthouse weddings and elopements put the focus of the day on the most important part of a wedding; the marriage. Jen Yuson, of Jen Yuson Photography, received a text message from her best friend, Christi, last January 21 saying that she was getting married in just two days in Winston Salem, North Carolina! Being a wedding photographer, Jen was grateful that this took place in January and that the ceremony would be on a Monday. The spontaneity of this elopement added to the romance of the day, and without the months of planning and agonizing over small details, Christi and Zach’s wedding showcases what is essence of all weddings: marriage. Pops of red seen in the couple’s shoes and Christi’s rose bouquet add just the right touch of color.

Photographer: Jen Yuson Photography
Hair Stylist: Grassroots Salon
Ceremony Location: Winston-Salem Courthouse
Bakery: Lowes Foods
Restaurant: Willow’s Bistro
All images by Jen Yuson Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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