Modern Engagement Rings: Diamond in the Rough

How gorgeous are these rough diamond engagement rings by Diamond in the Rough? Each ring is truly unique, as the stones are set in their natural, unearthed shape (unlike traditional polished stones). I adore the asymmetric designs, geometric shapes and somewhat less than perfect appearance. What do you think, would you say yes to one of these beauties?

All images via Diamond in the Rough

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6 thoughts on “Modern Engagement Rings: Diamond in the Rough

  1. Engagements rings are really a sign of love and affection among the two lovers or couple. I am also going to get married in few days and am very possessive about my relationship and hope in future this engagement ring will bind me and my love and affection.

  2. The stone, no matter what shape or figure, remains glamorous and beautiful. They’re very rare. In the photo above where they are mounted on a diamond ring, it still looks perfect. Natural beauty is the best beauty.

    1. Are you kidding me? In my opinion, this is some petty excuse to sell unrefined and industrial-grade diamonds at the same price as your typical, polished ones. Also note that the polished ones I’m talking about are graded for their clarity and fire! You should know this! You’re linking to a jewelry store, after all!

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