Rowboat Engagement Session in Golden Gate Park

This engagement session is so adorable! Captured by Inkspot Photography, Minh and Mj spent a day rowing and playing games in Golden Gate Park on a gorgeous June day in San Francisco, California. I love how this couple incorporated a game of Connect Four, the same game they played together on their first date, into this outdoor session. Be sure to read more about Minh and Mj below.

A few words from the photographer:

Minh & MJ were such a joy to photograph. Together, they explored and picked all of these breathtaking spots for their engagement session in Golden Gate Park. I was so thrilled when they told me they wanted to rent a rowboat! The two of them often go for walks around lakes so this seemed like the perfect fit to start off their session. The boat staff got a few good chuckles in while Minh & MJ were figuring out how to steer, as I kept to the safety of dry land trying to yell directions to them. Haha! It was quite the show.

After we’d had enough of rowing, we strolled over to some nearby benches where they played Connect Four. I love how they brought along props that were sentimental to them. I guess they had been playing game after game on their first date and Mary was determined not to end on a losing streak. These two sweethearts made it easy for us to capture happy, love filled images.

All images by Inkspot Photography

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