Modern Accessories: More Moorea Seal

Take a look at my recent favorite jewelry items by Moorea Seal. You may remember this Etsy jeweler from my previous post featuring her gorgeous raw cut amethyst ring. I love the natural, simple structure of her pieces. Also, to make the already great prices even better, all items are 20% off this week with code: SUMMERLIGHT.

no. 441 Amethyst and Silver Necklace $45

no. 418 Brass Chevron Dangle Earrings $25

no. 413 Pyrite Droplets $25

no. 421 Silver and Quartz Droplets $25

no. 414 Pyrite Geometry Earrings $30

no. 430 Brass and Rhinestone Headpiece $65

All images via Moorea Seal’s Etsy Shop

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