New Trend: Classy Jelly Shots

Imagine taking your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks and infusing their flavors into beautiful bite-sized pieces. That is exactly what Michelle Palm of the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has been doing since 2009. She is working to change the “college spring break” reputation of the Jell-O shot into sophisticated party bites known as jelly shots. Head here for recipes to try some of these alcohol infused treats at your next event. What do you think? Would you serve jelly shots at your wedding?

1st Row: Cucumber Lime Margarita + Paloma Cocktail
2nd Row: Elderflower Mojito + Grape Ape
3rd Row: Blow Pop Martini + Mandarin Cosmo
4th Row: The Bramble + Pineapple Brandy Fix
All images from the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

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