Adorable Farewell Brooklyn Session

I love the idea of doing a neighborhood session before a big move! Captured by Betsi Ewing Studio, Melissa and Raul spent a January day visiting a few favorite spots in their Brooklyn, New York neighborhood. The couple relocated to Mexico City (the day after the shoot!) and wanted to do a “farewell New York” session before their departure. Melissa and Raul eloped last May in a simple and sweet event at City Hall in NYC.

Bakery: Farmacy
All images by Betsi Ewing Studio
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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2 thoughts on “Adorable Farewell Brooklyn Session

  1. What a fun and unique idea! I love the fact that this couple wanted to say “farewell” to their neighborhood and city before moving on. I’m sure they’ll always love looking back at these photos and remembering all their great times in NYC!

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