Real Engagement: Noel + Nick in NYC

I was so excited to see this engagement submission in my inbox! It incorporates many of my favorite things: fashion, city streets, and gorgeous studio images. Photographed by Thaddeus Rombauer Photography, Noel and Nick spent a day in New York City decked out in fabulous outfits. They took a ride in a classic yellow taxi and a stylish convertible, wandered along the city streets and posed by the river. After taking some urban, outdoor images, Noel and Nick headed to Thaddeus’ office for a few wonderful studio shots. I love the combination of pristine studio images and gritty city scenery!

Photographer: Thaddeus Rombauer Photography
Makeup Artist: Ashley Frato
Hair Stylist: Carla Naya

All images by Thaddeus Rombauer Photography

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2 thoughts on “Real Engagement: Noel + Nick in NYC

  1. LOVE! Thank you Modernly Wed for posting these photos! It was a great day, one I’ll always remember. Also, a very big THANK YOU to Thaddeus Rombauer Photography, Carla Naya & Ashley Frato Makeup!

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