Real Day After Session: Yessenia + Joshua in Miami

This session makes me wish summer would never end! Captured by Merari Photography, Yessenia and Joshua spent a June day wandering through a dreamy field blanketed in sunflowers. Although Miami isn’t known for farmland and fields, the couple lucked out in find this stunning setting! Yessenia and Joshua were married last year, but Yessenia wanted to take advantage of her gorgeous gown one more time for this lovely “day (or year) after” session.

All images by Merari Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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4 thoughts on “Real Day After Session: Yessenia + Joshua in Miami

    1. LOVE these photos !!!! They are beautiful ! Just wondering where you found this in MIami !!? I’ve been searching for a sunflower field forever !!!!

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