Real Wedding: Rhianna + Patrick in Texas

The bold colors of this wedding are stunning! Captured by Cory Ryan Photography, Rhianna and Patrick had been married for two years, but waited for Rhianna’s father to return from his deployment to have their big celebration. A few words from the bride:

“This is basically a huge party for us. We’ve been married for almost two years because of my father’s deployment…and everyone is just so excited to be finally getting together. So, I mean, the building can blow up and we’d just take it outside.”

In addition to a first look with her groom, Rhianna also had a touching first look with her father. The wedding was held at The Studio at Fischer, a large commercial photography studio bursting with color, little white lights, and a graphic black and white tiled floor. Inspired by the “Kiss the Girl” scene from The Little Mermaid, the centerpieces were small manzanita trees with twinkling lights. The bouquets, handmade by the bride and her bridesmaids, had giant peacock feathers intertwined throughout the flowers. Bold blue and purple hues were used throughout the decor, including the stunning ombre cake!

Photographer: Cory Ryan Photography
Hair Stylist: Adrianne Lashley
Caterer: Threadgill’s
Cake Designer: Michelle’s Patisserie
Photo Booth Equipment: On the flip side
Event Venue: The Studio at Fisher

All images by Cory Ryan Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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4 thoughts on “Real Wedding: Rhianna + Patrick in Texas

  1. Hey, not trying to be inappropriate, or draw attention to something I shouldn’t but it looks like in the black and white photo of the bride getting into her dress, she may be showing a little bit of her chest, nude. Between the two bride’s maids in the front…Just thought you should know in case you weren’t going for that sort of stuff on here..if you are, disregard. 

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