Real Bridal Session: Malerie in California

I definitely love the new “modern bridal session” trend! Captured by Alisha Cryderman Photography in Riverside, California, Malerie’s bridal images are anything but ordinary. With gorgeous soft lighting, stunning fashion, and a beautiful subject, they are absolutely lovely photographs. I adore Malerie’s gown with its lace back accented with sparkly jewels. Her gown has an alluring vintage quality to it, but remains completely contemporary.

Photographer: Alisha Cryderman Photography
Location: The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

All images by Alisha Cryderman Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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9 thoughts on “Real Bridal Session: Malerie in California

  1. Alisha – these images are beautiful!  I am in love with them… and that location – holy amazingness!  

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