Real Engagement: Laney + Robert in Georgia

Get ready for one adorable engagement shoot! Laney, an elementary school teacher, noticed Robert, a P.E. teacher, right away. She admired him from afar while sending loads inconspicuous emails about gym schedules. After a while, Robert realized her interest and mustered up the courage to ask her out to dinner. The rest was history! Their engagement images, photographed by Sean and Amanda Photography, include apples and chalkboards as a nod to where they first met. I love the mix of rustic images and I can’t get enough of this amazing couple!

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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2 thoughts on “Real Engagement: Laney + Robert in Georgia

  1. Oh those trees…love those trees. Anyone know the name of them?  If only I lived in the South, I’d plant one in my yard for sure! I also love the shot of Laney & Robert running on the beach with the birds.  Beautiful engagement shoot!

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