Modern Accessories: Moorea Seal

I am a little behind on my posting this week (yesterday was my husband’s birthday), but here is a late post of a gorgeous raw cut crown amethyst ring from Moorea Seal’s Etsy shop.  This statement ring would be fabulous for your wedding day or to add some sparkle to a cocktail dress.  The ring shown is $45.

All images from Moorea Seal

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3 thoughts on “Modern Accessories: Moorea Seal

  1. thanks for featuring me! you have some really pretty recommendations for weddings :) i'm years and years away from it, but so happy to make special wedding jewelry for any lovely lady who needs it :)

    xo. Moorea

  2. kate, i'm loving all of your posts! keep up the good work :) hopefully we'll have time to get together in boston soon… by the way, i'm about 3 ounces of self-control away from buying this ring!

  3. Moorea, I am glad you like the feature! Thank you for taking a look at my blog.

    Kezia, thank you for reading my blog! We should definitely have a get together soon. Let me know when you are free!

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