Modern Wedding Gowns: Johanna Johnson

Here is some Friday eye candy in the form of gorgeous bridal gowns. Johanna Johnson’s Templar 2011 Bridal Collection is about combining Old Hollywood glamour and exquisite detailing with the fairytale of medieval jewelry.

From the Designer, Johanna Johnson:

“I love the romantic way that fabric used to be sourced and transported from wonderful, mystical lands that the wearer could only dream of. Fine gowns meant so much more in those days. I have always wanted to reignite a passion for craftsmanship.”

The Isadora

The Kate

The Lila

The Ormond

The Sassine

The Sassafrass and Marquise Tulle Skirt

The Satine

The Tudor
The Florence
The Parisian Lace Mini

All images from Johanna Johnson

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